Why Do We Need Real-Time Outcome Metrics?

  • To enable you to become a PROACTIVE manager.  
  • Track progress towards your mission.
  • Someone is keeping track! Donors, Charity Evaluations, Community & Other Nonprofits

Think about what a dashboard like this could mean for your mission

  • Key Metrics for:
    • Financial Performance & Outcomes
    • Capacity & Sustainability
    • Activity & Program Success
    • Fundraising

Could a dashboard like this help you better manage your organization's finances?

Let's discuss how C3 Accounting Solutions can provide this for your nonprofit organization.

Meals on Wheels America - Testimonial

QuickBooks left Meals on Wheels with many limitations.  Implementing Intacct provided them visibility into their numbers like never before.  

Easy Powerful Cost Effective Flexible Integrations

The Road to Better Decisions

  • Are you ready to answer hard financial questions across all of your entities?
  • Do you struggle to perform real-time analysis of your organization's performance?
  • Are you GAAP compliant and audit ready?
  • C3 Accounting Solutions and Sage Intacct can help!

Board Reporting & Presentations


Nonprofits are facing complex challenges today. To address these challenges, boards need to shift from being focused primarily on financial oversight and accountability, to building financial sustainability in their organizations. Through benchmarking and insightful metrics, C3 Accounting Solutions will provide your organization with critical tools to accomplish this sustainability using the Sage Intacct Nonprofit Digital BoardBook powered by GuideStar.

Funding Sources & Restrictions


Nonprofit funding can come from many sources: program revenues, donations, government funding, grants, foundations, fundraising, events, and financial aid awards.  It is important for leaders to understand their level of dependence on each of these sources of funding. Restricted funds also need careful attention to the spending of restricted dollars and the balance of each fund. That can mean viewing actual dollars, percentages, and actual to budget across multiple financial periods and dimensions. The nonprofit CFO must deliver reports that are tailored to each fund’s unique uses and requirements. View an On-Demand Webinar: Outcome Measures that Matter for Nonprofits. 

Audits & Compliance


We understand that your audits and Form 990 reflect on you and your team.  We’ll make sure your books are audit ready. Likewise, your Form 990 will be prepared with care, knowing that it is an important tool reviewed by donors, banks and stakeholders. And as for the new reporting requirements affecting nonprofits: ASU 2016-14 (FASB’s Topic 958) Presentation of Financial Statements of Not for Profit Entities and ASU 2016-02 Accounting for Leases – relax. We’ve got that too! 

Rising Technology Costs


The best in class cloud-based technology utilized by C3 will eliminate your dependence on expensive hardware, software, upgrading and training costs. Gone are the days of paying for outdated servers, backup storage, software upgrades, consultants to migrate your data, update your reports and fix broken links in your spreadsheets to your database.  Sage Intacct releases quarterly upgrades and new features to your ERP.  C3 will be there to assist you in training your team for any of these features.

Payroll Processing


Payroll compliance fears strike most leaders. Just recently a large public school’s payroll software and review processes failed, and they faced the uncertainty and risk of noncompliance in its reporting and payroll practices. Teachers and staff expect greater services from their employers – from the ease of time entry, requesting PTO, looking at payroll history to benefit enrollment. C3 uses a fully integrated payroll software that offers the various levels of service you desire; simply payroll processing and compliance reporting to a full payroll and HR suite with applicant tracking, onboarding, performance reviews, goals, certificate tracking, to offboarding.  

Fraud Risks


More than 30% of fraud cases occur in organizations with fewer than 100 employees. The median loss suffered by these small organizations is $150,000. Management review, internal audit, and account reconciliations are the most effective ways to detect fraud in small businesses.*  With C3 Accounting and Sage Intacct, you will find the internal controls prebuilt in the only ERP system approved by the AICPA, you set the rules for approval levels, you have the C3 team of professionals trained to review your data and exception reports.  *Source: Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 2016 report to the nations

Customer Success Stories

With Sage Intacct, we can now drill down into where we’re getting our money from, and how much of our donations are for restricted vs. unrestricted funds. With in-depth, real-time information on what we’ve spent and any leftover funding, we can expand our programs more quickly rather than waiting for complex reporting at the end of the year – Curtis Ruder, CFO St. PJ’s Children’s Home

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