Do these problems sound familiar?

  • Outdated Technology
  • Burdensome Manual Processes
  • Stale Data
  • Static Budgets
  • Redundant Processes and Disconnected Data

C3 offers a complete, fully integrated system:

  • Cloud-Based ERP
  • Automation
  • Real-Time Accounting
  • Dynamic Budgeting
  • Integrated Solutions

C3 Accounting Solutions and Sage Intacct for Private Schools

  • Experienced professionals with a heart for private schools
  • Deep understanding of private school challenges
  • Tomorrow’s innovative technology to make your today easier and tomorrow clear.

  • Are you ready to answer hard financial questions?
  • Do you have the up-to-date financial information you need for tough decisions?
  • Are you GAAP compliant and audit ready?

Our Services for Private Schools

Board Reporting and Presentations


Complex challenges facing nonprofits require that our Boards shift from being focused primarily on financial oversight and accountability, to ongoing financial sustainability of their organizations.  While we can provide the traditional historical review, the Sage Intacct Nonprofit Guidestar Digital Board Book and our expertise will provide your organization with critical insights to your mission.

Scalable Accounting Services


C3 provides a full range of specialized services to meet your specific operations, financial and strategic needs.  Our services are scalable from bookkeeping tasks, project work, strategic planning and budgeting, review of internal controls, compliance work to full CFO level services. 

Compliance and Audits


We understand that your audits and Form 990 reports reflect you and your team.  We know your Form 990 is more than just a tax return.  It is a powerful marketing tool reviewed by donors, banks and stakeholders.  We help present your results with that value in mind.

Funding Sources and Restrictions


School funding comes from many sources; families, state funding, grants, foundations, fundraising, events, outside curricular activities and financial aid awards.  It is important for directors to understand the dependence on sources of funding, careful spending of restricted dollars and the balance of each activity fund.  That can mean viewing actual dollars, percentages, and actuals-to-budget across multiple financial periods and dimensions. The nonprofit CFO must deliver reports that are tailored to each fund’s unique uses and requirements.  With Sage Intacct unique dimensions and fund accounting, these reports 

Internal Controls


More than 30% of fraud cases occur in organizations with fewer than 100 employees. The median loss suffered by these small organizations is $150,000.  Management review, internal audit, and account reconciliations are the most effective ways to detect fraud in small businesses.*  With C3 Accounting and Sage Intacct, you will find the internal controls prebuilt in the only ERP system approved by the AICPA, you set the rules for approval levels, you have the C3 team of professionals trained to review your data and exception reports.  *Source: Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 2016 report to the nations

Payroll Processing


Payroll compliance fears strikes most leaders. Just recently a large public school’s payroll software and review processes failed, and they faced the uncertainty and risk of noncompliance in their reporting and payroll practices.

Teachers and staff expect greater services from their employers; from the ease of time entry, requesting PTO, looking at payroll history to benefit enrollment. C3 has partnered with a fully integrated payroll software provider that offers various levels of service you desire; simply payroll processing and compliance reporting to a full payroll and HR suite with applicant tracking, onboarding, performance reviews, goals, certificate tracking, to offboarding.  

Customer Success Stories

“The dimensions in Intacct have been a huge timesaver. We can easily track and report on all financial metrics, not just for our operating fund, but by each of our half-dozen restricted funds and individual grants. This is so much easier and more accurate than managing separate spreadsheets and will be critical for us as we expand.” - Jennifer Sharp, Senior Accounting Manager, IslandWood

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"I've been most impressed with how flexible Intacct's report writer is, and how easily I can create the reports I need, exactly the way I want to see them." - Jodie Mote, Treasurer and Controller, UAB Educational Foundation

"After comparing Sage Intacct against the Blackbaud and Microsoft Dynamics solutions, we saw a huge difference in how much easier it was to use Sage Intacct’s reporting and analysis capabilities." - Roberta Hopkins, CFO, Georgetown Visitation

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